Financial Advisory Services for Women

Financial Services for WomenMike has earned a reputation as a valuable resource for working with the unique challenges that women face when it comes to financial planning. 

"Oftentimes women have less saved for retirement -- due to wage disparities or taking time off from work to care for children or parents. On average, women have a longer life expectancy which makes it critically important that they start saving and planning for retirement as soon as they can".  Financial services for Widows


Mike is aware of the fact that women make most of the financial decisions for their households (80-90%) and other positive trends (such as women outnumber men in university enrollment and graduation globally*).  Mike also understands that, while women are making the majority of the financial decisions, they are often pressed for time as they are pulled in a number of different directions. To this end, Mike makes the financial planning process as smooth and efficient as possible from the pre-meeting information gathering to the financial plan preparation and periodic reviews.

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         * According to Unesco’s 2009 Global Education Digest